37 items recognised as national treasures

The Prime Minister recognised 37 items as national treasures on December 30.

Many of the items are well-known in Vietnam such as “Em Thuy” (Little Thuy), a painting by Tran Van Can or “Bronze Drum at Hung Kings’ Temple”. All 37 were selected and approved by state scientific councils at all levels before the list was submitted to the Prime Minister by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism.

There are also many items that represent the Champa and Óc Eo cultures, including statues of Avalokitesvara. According to the councils, these items are chosen based on their originality as well as their cultural and historic values.

Last year, the Prime Minister also recognised 30 items as national treasures that represent historical periods or regional cultural characteristics. Some of the approved items are the will of President Ho Chi Minh, a statue of Vishnu and a T54B Tank which crashed the gate of Saigon Presidential Palace on April 30, 1975.

Photos of some of the national treasures:


Bronze drum at Hung Kings’ Temple


Hop Minh bronze pot


Bronze buckle with tortoise decoration


601-year old Xa Loi Thap Minh tablet


The bell of Van Ban Pagoda during the Tran Dynasty


Dai Hong Chung Bell at Thien Mu Pagoda created under Nguyen Dynasty


Guan-Yin of a Thousand Arms and Eyes statue made under the Later Le Dynasty


A cannon from the Nguyen Dynasty


A statue of Avalokitesvara


Hai Thieu Nu va Mot Em Be (Two girls and a Child) by To Ngoc Van


Em Thuy (Little Thuy) by Tran Van Can


Ket Nap Dang o Dien Bien Phu (Party Admission in the Dien Bien Phu Trench) by Nguyen Sang


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