Hoi An listed in world’s top 20 interesting places

Hoi An ancient town has been cited as an essential stop on any tour of Vietnam and one of the top 20 most interesting places in the world by www.roughguides.com.

 A street corner in Hoi An Town

Stubbornly traditional and jam packed with sights, the intriguing small city of Hoi An was rated in 15th position.

Most attractive is the beauty of the city at night on the eve of the full moon, the site reports.

“Downtown Hoi An turns off all its street lights and basks in the mellow glow of silk lanterns. Shopkeepers don traditional outfits, parades, folk opera and martial arts demonstrations flood the cobbled streets, and the riverside fills with stalls selling crabmeat parcels, bean paste cakes and noodle soup.”

Rough Guides is a highly acclaimed British website providing tourist information and guides.

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