Italian photographer explores daily life in Vietnam

Italian photographer and architect Gianpaolo Arena has completed a photo album titled “My Vietnam” featuring daily life of local residents in the country during one-month stay in Vietnam. 

Buzzfeed website has rated his photos as “sensitive and beautiful” because they has depicted Vietnam, its land and people from unique perspectives. Gianpaolo Arena is currently working as an architect and living in Treviso, Italy.

Gianpaolo Arena organized a photo exhibition themed “My Vietnam” in Rome, Italy from May to July, 2014.

Italian photographer and architect Gianpaolo Arena

The photos portray Vietnam’s beauty and the daily life of its people, while also reflecting the country’s efforts in national construction and development, and international integration.

The photo collection “My Vietnam” has recorded his experiments and interesting viewpoints during his tour.

 For several years, photographer and architect Gianpaolo Arena has traveled Vietnam to photograph the lives and activities of the locals.

What emerged is a sensitive and beautiful collection of photographs that represent the country in an extraordinary light.

Following are some of the photo collection: 

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