Nghe An’s natural air conditioner

A cave in the central province of Nghe An has become a cool hideaway for hundreds of people escaping the summer heat.


Hiding from the heat

Dong Co Cave in Dong Thanh Commune, 80km from Vinh City, is nicknamed a natural air-conditioner. It’s unclear when the cave was discovered, but it has become a haven for the local people for years.

When the outdoor temperature reached 39C at noon, people actually have to use a blanket or wear a coat inside the cave because the temperature is often below 20C. Some people go deep inside to seek the cool air while others relax on hammock near the entrance.


Stalactite found inside the cave

The entrance is only 10 metres wide and five metres high but the inside is larger and the biggest part can easily fit 30 people at the same time, smaller parts can contain up to 10 people. Local Ngo Tri Hai said they hadn’t fully explored the cave and there are deeper parts which are much colder. However he said that people can get lost when wandering too far.


The cave hasn’t been fully explored

Nghe An Province has some of the highest temperatures in Vietnam due to being affected by the hot and dry westerly wind from Laos. In addition, power outages during summer forces locals to find ways to cool off. The locals say they haven’t seen any dangerous animals like snakes or centipede inside.

Pham Thi Hoa, 60, said the cave was also used as a shelter during the war. “We hope the authorities will take notice, not only to preserve the cave but also make it into a tourist attraction,” she said.

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