Savoury cakes win National Geographic honour

Chung (made of sticky rice, green bean, pork, and pepper) and Giay (made of ground glutinous rice) cakes are indispensable dishes during Vietnam’s Lunar New Year celebrations.

Lunar New Year is Vietnam’s most important holiday during the year, when people pay farewell to the old year and welcome a new year with many expectations.

Vietnamese people preparing Chung cake for Tet Holiday

In Vietnamese culture, Chung cake wrapped in Dong leaves symbolizes the earth, while Giay cake symbolizes the sky.

Rounding out the top ten dishes are the bread of Mexico, Hakarl of Iceland, Mid-Autumn cake of China, Hamantaschen of Israel, King cake of the US, Sesan Burfi cake of India, Kahk Cake of Egypt, Haggis of Scotland, and cake for May Revolutionary Day in Argentina. 

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