Wartime aircraft and map recognised as national treasures

A fighter aircraft and a map used during the resistance war against the US have been recognised by Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung as national treasures.

 Russian-made MiG-21 numbered 4324 on display at the Vietnamese Military History Museum

The Russian-made MiG-21 numbered 4324, currently kept at the Vietnamese Military History Museum, was donated by the former Soviet Union in 1965 and formed part of the fighter aircraft team of Regiment 921 of Air Force Division 371.

In 1967, the aircraft was flown 69 times and used to shoot down 14 American warplanes of various types, including the Thunderchief and the Phantom.

Another national treasure, the Ho Chi Minh Campaign map measuring 185cm x 170cm which includes 12 pieces, was drawn by officials of the Combat Department of the South Vietnam Liberation Army Command and the Ho Chi Minh Campaign Command in the Ta Thiet Base in Binh Phuoc province.

The lower right corner of the map was signed by General Van Tien Dung and the secretary of the Central Office for South Vietnam at the time, Pham Hung.

These two pieces of history have significant meaning due to their relation with two important historical events in Vietnam, namely the victory against the US Operation Rolling Thunder, which aimed to destroy the northern region and the Ho Chi Minh Campaign that culminated in the liberation of the southern region.

Earlier dozens of ancient artefacts, sculptures, kettledrums, paintings, Buddhist statues, manuscripts of famous works and pieces of military hardware during the patriotic wars were also recognised as national treasures.

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