Young people bring attention to forgotten relic

A short video clip made by a group of students about a neglected relic site in central Hue City has become semi-viral on the internet.


 Linh Tinh Gate on the way to the temple

Van Thanh, the Temple of Literature in Hue, is a unique piece of architecture along the Huong (Perfume) River. Van Thanh, which was Hue’s university at one time, is dedicated to Confucius.

During Nguyen Dynasty, 293 graduates had their names engraved on stone tablets that sit on top of stone turtles. Along with the Temple of Literature in Hanoi, this is one of the two oldest remaining universities in Vietnam.

Tourists, and even the locals from Hue, rarely visit Van Thanh. Recently, however, it seems to have become an attraction for high school students before university exams. The students come to visit the turtles and pray for good test scores.



 Few visitors to the temple these days

“Van Thanh–Returning Day” is a light clip created by Nguyen Chi Long, a student from the Hue University of Medicine and Pharmacy. He used the figure of a female student in ao dai to lead the audience through the tour, from the tall gate to the stone steles and the old well. In 2012, Long became well-known on the internet for “Our Fairy Tale,” a video clip about students’ love.


 Sunset on the Huong (Perfume) River in Hue 

“You can see how beautiful our town is when listening to the music and travelling by bicycle, through the city alleys and to the meadows. Thanks to those trips, I discovered several forgotten beautiful historical sites. I hope everyone has a chance to take trips like those to experience the country’s beauty. I also hope that this clip will bring more visitors to Van Thanh,” Long said.


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